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Students on Brightspark Tour in Quebec City sitting in front of cathedral in lower town Quebec City

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For over 40 years, Brightspark has partnered with schools across the country to provide an effortless experience for teachers and an unforgettable trip for students. We deal with the details so you can focus on what is important – your class.
student travel

3 Things to do on Your Student Trip to England

Visit the 9 3/4 platform from Harry Potter, steep in the Roman Baths, and marvel at Shakespeare's Globe on your student...

student travel

5 Unique Things for Students to Do in France

Here is a list of 5 destinations to visit for students on class trips to France for a good mix of adventure, cultural...

student travel

Winter Packing List

Traveling during the colder seasons? Our Winter Packing List has everything your students need for snowy travel!


Top 5 Winter Activities to do in Quebec

Here are top 5 things for students to do in snowy Quebec City and the surrounding areas!


Nonprofit Spotlight: Youth Without Shelter

Our staff at Brightspark chose to raise funds and goods for the Youth Without Shelter home in Rexdale, a Toronto-based...


Brightspark Exclusive: The Heist!

Was it the former curator, the broke patroness or the mean eyed curator? The Heist at the Canadian Museum of Nature...

bully awareness week

Bully Awareness & Prevention Week

Bully Awareness & Prevention Week - 6 Videos to Watch in the Classroom

World War I

7 Quick Facts About D-Day for Students

While D-Day is a well known operation, we have complied seven facts that you and your students may not know.


Things to Do on an European Battlefield Tour for High School Students!

Check out these student-friendly spots on your England, Belgium, and France battlefield high school tour, so your class...


6 Educational Halloween Videos to Share with Your Class! 👻

Here's a list of educational Halloween tales to share with your class. Explore the origins of Halloween, the history of...

teacher guide

Anti-Bullying Resources, Workshops, and Field Trip Ideas for Ontario Teachers

We have collected a list of anti bullying resources and field trip ideas that can make your class and school a healthy...

student travel

A Guide to Booking Student Meals for Class Field Trips

We've put together a simple step-by-step guide to help you book meals for your next class field trip!

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