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Student Educational Trips Ottawa | Brightspark

Brightspark Exclusive: The Heist!

Brightspark Exclusive programs are designed to encourage participation through experiential education. Whether it’s a Mystery Heist in Ottawa or Escaping the Port in Montreal, these activities will add a WOW factor to your tour.


 The Blue Bonnie sapphire is missing!

The Heist's lead investigator Sarah Jane Smith needs your students' help to search for clues throughout the Canadian Museum of Nature.

Was it the former curator, the broke patroness or the mean-eyed curator? This Brightspark Exclusive will engage your students throughout the various exhibits as they work together to discover who stole the sapphire. 

All answer sheets will be handed in to the tour leader for The Adventure as you continue your student educational tour. 

Add The Heist at the Canadian Museum of Nature to your Ottawa student tour to get your class working together and learning fun facts. 



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