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Brightspark Exclusive: La Chasse: The Hunt For Champlain’s Remains

Posted by Seana Stevenson on Sep 21, 2018 9:26:06 AM

 Samuel de Champlain statue

Starting at the Samuel de Champlain statue on the Dufferin Terrace, overlooking the St. Lawrence River and just beside the Chateau Frontenac, your students will begin the hunt for Champlain's remains. 

Your Tour Leader will go through the mystery behind the disappearance of Samuel de Champlain's burial site and the subsequent search through the city since 1640. Students will become amateur sleuths as they work in teams to find the location of his crypt. 

Students will travel throughout Dufferin Terrace and the Rue de Tresor to locate numeric codes which can be translated through a cipher to find the location of Champlain's Remains. 

All answer sheets will be handed in to the tour leaders for The Adventure as you continue your student educational tour. 

Add La Chasse: The Hunt for Champlain's Remains  to your Quebec City student tour to combine the fun of discovering a new city with the challenge and team bonding of the activity.

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