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Quel Beau Pre Quebec Student Trips | Brightspark

Brightspark Exclusive: Quel Beau Pré!

Brightspark Exclusive programs are designed to encourage participation through experiential education. Whether it’s a Mystery Heist in Ottawa or Escaping the Port in Montreal, these activities will add a WOW factor to your tour.


Discover the majestic countryside and fascinating figures along the coast near Quebec City during Quel Beau Pré!

While driving on the Route de la Nouvelle-France, students will take turns at the mic as they read about the figures, from the 1600s to now, who made the Beaupré coast what it is today. 

This Brightspark Exclusive will engage your class on the half hour drive to Canyon Sainte-Anne.

Pay attention! Tour Leaders may use this information to create questions for The Adventure during your student educational tour. 

Add Quel Beau Pré! to your Quebec City student tour to learn fun facts about the region while developing stronger public speaking and presentation skills. 


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