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Students on Brightspark Tour in Quebec City sitting in front of cathedral in lower town Quebec City

Brightspark Is Olympic Proud

The Brightspark office is abuzz with excitement as we countdown the minutes untill the Sochi 2014 Olympic Opening Ceremonies. In an effort to support our Canadian Olympic team everyone in the office showed up proud in their red and white gear.


The Olympics is a symbol of countries coming together in peace to celebrate athletic achievement. For me, it is truly a reminder of the variety of countries and people on this planet, all with something amazing to offer. The spirit of the Olympics generates pride, enthisiasm, and a time of celebration. I am grateful to be part of a company that strives to give students a wider view of the world they live in.

The Olympics bring everyone together and at Brightspark we enjoy keeping the spirit of global community alive all year round. 

Let's go Canada-let the games begin! 

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