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It's Time to apply for The Job Your Friends Will Envy.

Posted by Laurel Tubman on Jan 21, 2015 9:05:19 AM

At Brightspark, we are lucky to employ a phenomenal group of people we like to call the;

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Winterlude 2015

Posted by Brianne Perez on Nov 25, 2014 12:41:48 PM

Ottawa, our great nation’s capital, is an absolutely breathtaking sight during the winter months. The blankets of snow covering the Parliament buildings and the crystal snowflakes falling gently on your nose as you wander through the Byward Market all add to the majestic nature of this city during the winter. What better way to experience all the sights and sounds of Ottawa than by skating along the Rideau Canal?

Whether you decide to take on the 7.8 km ‘skateway’ by skates or by sleigh ride, this experience will surely not disappoint. If skating isn’t for you, many rest zones are located along the Rideau Canal, where you’re able to pick up some tasty treats, hot drinks (think hot chocolate with marshmallows), or warm up by a cozy fire. It gets pretty chilly in Ottawa, so taking advantage of the rest stops is a must! As an inexperienced skater myself, I’d have to say that these break stations are my favourite part. Plus, nothing compares to meeting new people, sharing some hot cocoa, and marveling at the genuine beauty of this city and its citizens.  

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8 Secrets to Our Amazing Student Tours

Posted by Brianne Perez on Oct 8, 2014 9:17:00 AM

Here at Brightspark, we're always thinking of new ways to make your student tours fresh, fun, and memorable. Brightspark exclusive activities are designed to transform your student trip from great to Sparktacular! There's something cool for each core destination that fits with all of our custom itineraries.

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The Benefits of Student Travel

Posted by Stacey Costa on Aug 18, 2014 1:18:46 PM

As I check my Facebook feed this summer I see all my friends travelling and experiencing new and wonderful adventures. They are creating memories that will last a life time and stories that will continue to be passed along. I am reminded of how providing this type of opportunity to students is the reason I love what I do at Brightspark.

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Dance Dreams Come True in New York City

Posted by Victoria Lee on Jul 30, 2014 2:19:04 PM

Have you ever dreamed of turning NYC into your very own dance stage?  Maybe even chasse through Times Square?

Here at Brightspark we love sharing our favourite attractions that will be sure to grab the attention of every of dancer! Whether you’re a Hip Hop genius or a graceful Ballerina, NYC has it all!

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My Favourite: Québec City

Posted by Brianne Perez on Jun 20, 2014 2:21:05 PM

It’s June, and at Brightspark that means we have new tour groups heading to historic Quebec City every day. Time to reveal the things we just can’t miss when we visit the only fortified city in North America. 

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My Favourite: New York City

Posted by Brianne Perez on May 14, 2014 12:13:00 PM

Everyone who works at Brightspark shares a love for travel. Over the next few months we will be running a “My Favourite” themed blog series where we will reveal our favourite spots in some of our most popular destinations. Some of these activities are featured on our student itineraries some are gems from off the beaten path that can make any itinerary "sparktacular"!

To start us off: The City That Never Sleeps! New York City is easily one of our most popular travel destinations, and the Brightspark crew is always ready to share their favorite spots in The Big Apple:

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Earth Day at Brightspark

Posted by Brianne Perez on Apr 22, 2014 4:16:17 PM

 Every year on April 22nd Canadians observe Earth Day. 

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Sliding Through Winter at Valcartier

Posted by Stacey Costa on Mar 3, 2014 12:50:08 PM

As I skim through the headlines I see people fed up with winter. Most are just sick of all this cold and snow. However, the people that enjoy winter activities love this. But who has time to learn how to ski or snowboard? And tobogganing can get so boring after a while. Well the people in Quebec City have a real treat just 20 minutes north of the old city, Valcartier Vacation Village, known as North America’s largest winter playground. Since opening in 1963 with only a couple slides, Valcartier has now become a popular place to visit for summer and winter. The park is open to all ages and the best part is that you don’t need to be an expert in winter athletics. The basics of riding these slides are:

  1. Put on your winter gear
  2. Jump in a tube
  3. Launch off the peak of a slope

Best of all, there is a conveyer belt of handles that you grab to bring you back up the slope. No more running up the hill with a heavy toboggan. 


Most of the slides are for all ages and located in the Avalanche and Central section with seven to nine slides to choose from in each area. However, for the adrenaline junkie there are slopes where you can reach up to 80 kilometers an hour and catch the beautiful view of the Jacques-Cartier River and Valley. 

These slopes are named after famous mountain ranges and peaks, such as “Himalaya” and “Everest.” At 33.5 meters high, Everest stands as one of their tallest slides and listed under their extreme category. Almost all the slides allow group sliding where you are able to link your tube with your friends. 
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The 2014 Brightspark Canada Photo Contest is Here!

Posted by Brianne Perez on Feb 21, 2014 3:26:25 PM
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